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Tutor (adjunct) of sculpture in Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz
Studio: phone +48 (42) 650-01-33
Address: POLAND, 91-078 Lodz, Kasprzaka St. 56
  • In my work I am concentrating on research and investigating a "language of meanings", around a structure of matter /matter of sculpture/. Symbolic connections of tensions and relations within one  object and a whole space of exposition. I am tracing the relations within the area of my own experience and the continuity of culture in which I am living.
  • I am concentrating on examining and building a "language", a "language" that belongs to a studio equipment of expression that is starting to play an important role in my last works, which is light. The structure so called "confined" light, a structure of "liberated" light, and a light that penetrates the space, building it literally. Checking on interdependence of meaning, the relations in space.
  • I would like to emphasize the fact, that I am mostly interested in the object-the sculpture, not the installation.
  • Every piece of work is a personal expression on laps of time, transitory of human events; constant experiences from the border of primitive (primary) reactions excavated from the inner self.
  • I put limitations on researching only within a closed space of an object. My objects-sculptures are functioning as forms, closed in its meaning of expression. The space of exposition is not a condition of my expression, it is important but is not arranged according to an object and vice versa. Although the space of exposition is important it is not a condition of  "strength" with which I penetrate a certain space.
  • My last research - which is combining a structure of a hard, cold steel with a structure of a subjugate world of symbolic forms with a certain energy - is the experiences which I discover within a myth and a legend. Symbolic experiences from a borderline of reality and spirituality, transcendental feeling of space.
  • The "grasped" light in my works is a projection of energy of a spirit, a symbolic element within a sculpture.

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    Deja vu - 2007r
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    studio: phone +48 (42) 650-01-33, mobile: 0 506-68-79-79, address: POLAND, 91-078 Lodz, Kasprzaka St. 56