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Students works at studio of sculpture, of Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz.
The Faculty of Textile and Clothes, are under my direction. 
The students of my studio, systematically and in every year get prize. 

II  year of studies  -   Agata Maciejewska

School studio of sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz ->> www.asp.lodz.pl

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The 5th International Symposium at Klenovį 

symposium 10. 5. - 21. 5.2004
exhibition 23. 5. - 1. 8.2004
Galerie Klatovy/Klenovį
Zįmek Klenovį
340 21 Janovice n.Śhlavou

The students I year's installations executed under my direction on
The 5th International Symposium 
at Klenovį a Zįmek Klenovį, 
 Czech Republic
10.5. - 21.5.2004

Galerie Klatovy/Klenovį

  • In structure of didactic University  led by me studio be subordinated to Department all-fine arts the Faculty Textile and Clothes in Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. 
  • The education be holds in draught first and second year of studies. Education from third till-until fifth year is the voluntary choice the student and works with field of sculpture 

  •  they can make up to thesis qualifying. . 
  • It is the programme - the science of correc formation in space the form. As early as from informing in spatial form consequences of third dimension practices and flat. The practice with range of proportion, shapes, size of masses, clod of sculpture and patial relations between them. Independent interpretation in support about observation with nature, be the realization of chosen of projects from regard the report of content to form. 
  • In open conception of studio of sculpture, we always have  co-operation with wide 

  • students' team seeking.  We throw open them knowledge about new materials, technologies and technicians of realization. It finds then word in unique collections 
    fashion in clothes, jewellery and fabric unique.
  • Confirmation our pedagogical achievements let fact will be, that since five years 

  •  They (1998), the students from studio of sculpture receive the prizes every year in of the prestige review competitive them. W³adys³aw Strzemiński at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz.
  • - The 15th Competition, 1998 - Aleksandra Kucińska
  • - The 16th Competition, 1999 - Aleksandra Kucińska
  • - The 17th Competition, 2000 - Lidia Zagdańska
  • - The 18th Competition, 2001 - Artur Maliszewski
  • - The 19th Competition, 2002 - Marta Pszonak i Magdalena Bucha³ow.

    (higher )
    Students' works with I year at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz
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    Studio takes part in and exhibitions propagating actions active students` works.
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    Students works make up solid in gardens the expositions of gallery of sculptures hospital called M. Kopernik in Lodz.


The works of awarded 
in Competition them. W³. Strzemiński 
estimated by committee,  having hangover oneself with prominent educators, 
with different artistic universities in Poland. 


 Marta Pszonak
(higher ^)
The sculpture - the objects, executed in track III and IV  year of studies. 
Awarded on The 19th Competition them. W³. Strzemiński in 2002. 

(<<- from side) 
The sculpture executed in time of open air.

Magdalena Bucha³ow

The sculpture - the pendant object,
II  year of studies.
Prize on The 19th Competition called 
W³. Strzemiński in 2002. 

Used to collection of clothes.
                                                    Bas-relief - II year (by ->>)

Artur Malewski
Artur Malewski - IV year of studies.
Prize on The 18th Competition called W³. Strzemiński in 2001.

Malwina Rździkowska
- II year of studies. 
Consecrated work  events with 11 September in N. Y     .
    Authoress was eye witness 
    terroristic attempt.

Anna Grzelak
II year of studies.
Lidia Zagdańska 
 Prize on The 17th Competition called 
W³. Strzemiński in 2000..

Aleksandra Kucińska
 - Instalation, V year of studies.
Aleksandra Kucińska - obiect

Aleksandra Kucińska
- III year of studies.
Prize on The 15th Competition called 
W³. Strzemiński in1998.
Aleksandra Kucińska
- IV year of studies.
Prize on The 16th Competition called 
W³. Strzemiński in1999.
Aleksandra Kucińska
The thesis with field of sculpture.

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